SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SYS Labs has been introduced in the presence of Syscoin Foundation president Jagdeep Sidhu in a keynote address at the Token2049 conference in Singapore. SYS Labs is an Corporation is focused on accelerating the adoption of Syscoin's blockchain Syscoin blockchain by conducting research, development and promotion of cutting-edge Web3 software and services that are designed to attract and encourage widespread adoption.

Syscoin’s New Layer 2 Adoption by SYS Labs

"It's an exciting time for blockchain technology. SYS Labs is committed to achieving a grand idea that is now achievable; global massive adoption and transformative financial inclusion across the globe," said Jagdeep Sidhu, SYS Labs CTO. "Building on Syscoin's modular stack is among the keys that will get to this "last mile" accomplishment. Popular dapps that have mass appeal appeared impossible for blockchain few days back. Recent developments have revolutionized everything, and even more breakthroughs are on the way. There are many possibilities to SYS Labs to capitalize on this. In the first instance, we'll bring demand to Syscoin where it will be the most efficient."

The security and scalability of Syscoin's newest technology like Proof of Data availability (PoDA) as well as the Layer two rollups,, Rollux and Rollux means there are many applications for blockchain technology that have yet to be explored. SYS Labs already has several active products in development and has some fresh ideas that they're eager to begin working on rapidly covering the metaverse, gamefi and NFT platforms, as well as regulatory-compliant rollups for businesses and institutions and decentralized identity systems and the most advanced user experience and all secured with Syscoin's merger-mined protocol. SYS Labs describes this as "Web3 with an added layer of security that is similar to Bitcoin.'

In addition, the company's work will be extended to other frontiers of technology that is decentralized. Particularly particularly, it will explore the internet of things (IoT) is a key factor in using zero-knowledge cryptography and supporting it in novel ways. Both are believed to have both positive and potentially disruptive effects for the future , particularly when you consider the possibilities for A.I. as well as smart city.

There are a myriad of recent blockchain-based companies have taken off like Ava Labs, Starkware and Matter Labs, SYS Labs may be positioned in a favorable way through its focus on a modular full-stack blockchain that has been comprehensively designed to work with its rollup-based implementations. With a large portion members of SYS Labs' founders originating from the well-established Syscoin project The company is well-aware of its full-spectrum ecosystem and the entire blockchain industry it is, and how to maintain and feed the foundations of the layer 1 to allow value to increase.

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