Shiba Inu (SHIB) price movement is on the verge of dropping into negative territory when an early fade begins as profit is taken following the positive closing on Monday. With equity markets on the upswing and major cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum increasing an obvious sign that the sky is not falling could be that the investors in SHIB price action in the very near-term. The news of a rocket launch coming from North Korea towards Japan has led to a few small profits and may continue through next week's US session, but there is the possibility of a wider decline and new lows for the remainder of the week.

SHIB price sees some profit taking after North Korea does it again

Shiba Inu price movement is not going anywhere today, while Nasdaq futures are showing more than 1.75 percent gains at the US opening bell. Likewise, major cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin are posting more than 22% gains over the day's trading. The fact that the rally on Monday is causing some losses creates an interesting analogy with those who participated in the Tour de France, where when the race climbed up to Alpes D'Heuz, saw several cyclists lose ground. Like this too, SHIB price needs to fall out of the peloton , and could turn negative while the majors progress.

SHIB price may be setting the stage for a possible divergence, as traders and investors were only engaged in SHIB price action in the short-term, and then began to sell their gains from Monday's rise. Expect price action to price close to $0.00001150 and then look for the lowest point to be $0.00001078. If that level which was Sunday's low be able to fall, anticipate to see a decline towards $0.00001000 when the decline expands and then turns into selling.

If equity markets get into bear market territory and move to levels that are significantly higher which would result in an enormous tailwind for cryptocurrency overall. In this scenario we can expect to witness SHIB price actions benefit from an increasing flow of investors, as demand-side volume explodes and SHIB price averaging $0.00001209. A break over could be able to see the price rise to $0.00001350 which is close to the R1 monthly printing around 20% gains the process.