Ethereum Classic (ETC) price is showing positive numbers on Tuesday, for the second consecutive day and they are arguing for an increase in the entire week. This is about positive news is concerned in the case of larger currency pairs like GBP/USD or EUR/USD are rising in the wake of an increase in risk-on the equity market, while traders have avoided alt-currencies, such as ETC and are trying to make a profit from popular and liquid assets.

ETC price holds small gains with big ifs

Ethereum Classic price is shy of printing 3 percent of gains this week, as a profitable second day is advancing towards the US closing. There is a slight decrease in gains compared to the other major assets. . It could be that traders are looking for liquid assets to make it simpler for them to leave when the tide changes and they return to risk-off.

ETC is a lesser-known derivative that isn't as well-known and less liquid than trading futures in equity such as the eurodollar or cable. The expectation is for ETC price to fall in the face of profit-taking, as investors in the rally begin to gather the facts. It is possible that the fade expands and eventually turns into a slight decline back to the initial price on Monday, which was approximately $26.56 depending on the price action. is supported by the $26.

Risks to the downside could be triggered by the previous slowdown that could turn into a selling off and re-visiting $26. Or, the market could move higher, but it would be subject to an unwavering rejection against the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) close to $30. It could then witness a deeper drop below $26 and possibly dropping to $22, and the S1 monthly average and low in mid-August coming into the picture. Any upside possibilities will be met with a hefty selling by bears who want to gain entry for the next lower leg.

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