Terra Luna continues the uphill fight as the community comes out with more news that is controversial against the CEO Do Kwon.

Terra Luna price is under the microscope once more. The controversy-ridden layer-2 token was resurfacing on the cutting block Sunday on June 12, as an expert crypto auditor went on Twitter to make a claim against the CEO Do Kwon for voter fraud and policy violations. According to the Twitter account @FatManTerra Columbus 5, a proposed governance plan that was proposed for Terra Labs appears to be manipulatively manipulated by a wallet that holds 5percent of the Terra Luna 2.0 Token. This would be fine under the rule of a royal oligarch however for a community that promotes decentralization and community-based governance, this accusation is a stench of partisanship and deceit.

Terra Luna continues the uphill battle

Fatman posted on Twitter:

"They have told you TFL isn't a voter. They said TFL didn't receive the vote. However, you'll see that every single thing they do is to get more money from the "community" by using words and manipulating. He does not take care of your opinion. You're an instrument for him and always will be. "

Terra Luna price has declined 20% since the latest controversy emerged to the forefront of attention. Today, LUNA price is $2.29 close to a 50 percent Fibonacci Retracement level, which was the case prior to the initial launch and the spike for its LUNA 2.0 token that occurred on the 28th of May. If the price of the daily chart below the crucial Fib level could cause chaos for investors and send the price down 30% to the 61.8 percent retracement at $1.64.

Terra Luna has seen not just its bullish ground. From a vantage point it appears that the Terra Luna community is divided between optimistic supporters and those unaffected by the sway of authoritative statements. The members of @Fatmanterra are determined to ensure justice is served in the wake of the shocking crash of UST stablecoin that caused approximately $42 billion in losses. In the end that the bulls still need to do a lot to complete.

A potential early downtrend invalidator would be a closing over $2.74 in the chart for daily. If bulls are able to achieve the price action they might be able cause a countertrend to surge back to $3.79 which would result in a 66% rise from the price at present. Terra Luna price.

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