Solana price may extend the downward trend that is bearish, because technical indicators suggest that the bears aren't yet in a position to let go of their grip.

Solana price can't say when, but it says how

Solana price shows negative trends since the bears have pushed"the "centralized Ethereum killer" into an unprovoked zone since July 2021. The decline in bearishness was achieved in an "penny from the Eiffel style" method, which was thought to be a back-and-forth cut eventually caused a free-fall excitement in the chart for daily trading.

Solana price is currently trading at $30, an 88% drop from record-setting high of $259.90. The bears have been flexing their muscle, printing numerous burning candles that appear unquestioned at this point. If bulls don't take action soon and the bears are not quick to act, they may force the price to the range of $20 to $30 in liquidity. The most troubling signal that can confuse the bearish view is the pattern of volume. The bears have been showing their presence with pressure, a clearly defined pattern of ramping and the increasing number of transactions when prices fall. Investors who see these signs are likely to seek greater opportunities on the cryptocurrency market.

The downtrend has been invalidated by an increase above the previous wave of four degrees at $43. A breach of this price could cause a rally that could reach as high as $60, resulting in a 100 percent increase from the price at present. Solana price.

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