The price of Dogecoin from a macro view remains a positive chart since $1.00 goals are likely to be achieved in the years ahead. But such a profitable trend is not likely to happen without the involvement of smart money in the crypto market. The liquidity levels will most likely to be examined prior to the DOGE price could rocket into higher levels.

Dogecoin price is on pace for a catastrophic decline

Dogecoin price has multiple confluence signals that point to an imminent decline. The historic parallel channel is within the $0.02 zone, and is yet to be surpassed. A Fibonacci Retracement tool that is based on the all-time lows up to the all-time highs is displaying an 61.8 percent Fibonacci level of $0.01. The current $0.08 downward trend is a conviction that a further rapid decline is on the cards to counterbalance the overall decline.

Dogecoin price shows lower volume as it decreases which is negative in the short-term however a positive sign for macro-targets. A lack of interest from bulls suggests that investors are unable to invest at the price of $.08 levels. A lowered Dogecoin price could trigger the next bull run occurs. Therefore, investors should be aware of $0.01 as a possible outcome for the price of Dogecoin.

The only way to prove the bearish thesis is can be achieved by a break of $0.125. If bulls break this threshold, a jump to $0.16 could be possible and result in a 100 percent increase over the current price for Dogecoin.

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