Since big investors would majorly support the growth of the Polkadot network. Well, the answer is- unfortunately, not at the moment.

Polkadot leads after Ethereum at around 1k – 2k devs

Owing to the overall bearishness of the market, DOT price is also oscillating far away from its ATH. It has even lost more than 17.35% down in the last three days.

But the bearishness isn’t canon for the DOT since its downtrend’s strength is pretty weak at the moment. Although the MACD volume does indicate the possibility of a bearish price divergence, it can only be confirmed within the next 72 hours.

Right now, price recovery is the only hope. DOT project has to bring new investors since people themselves aren’t interested in investing in the DOT. It is visible by the fact that their price sentiment is at the worst in seven months.

However, because the risk-adjusted returns for Polkadot are negative at the moment, it would be best to look out for a couple of green candles Candle before jumping in.

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