Solana price is in a firm uptrend with bulls holding to a green ascending trend line pattern for support as green candles march higher. . At this pace, SOL price should make new all-time highs by next week at around price of $300. The only element that could slow down the trend are Covid headwinds  and global market turmoil, but even these do not look strong enough to really halt the price uptrend.

Solana bulls target $300 as the ultimate profit target

Solana sol price sees a steady and solid rally with consecutive trading days making new highs.. Although the Relative Strength Index is soaring towards the overbought area, there is still plenty of upside price left over and the steepness of the rally is relatively mild. Therefore,bulls can add to daily positions and book price gains without the trend losing steam.

SOL coin price is expected to hit an all-time high around next week. A squeeze is likely against the existing all-time high at price of $267.52 that will act as a baseline. The ascending trend line pattern will then provide the tilted side of a bullish triangle. A breakout through the base will see accelerated buying and a quick spike up towards price of $300. Once there, expect a slight fade in the rally as the RSI will by then be overbought and likely lead  investors to cash in some gains.

Should the green ascending trend line pattern break, however, expect a quick return towards price of $219.75, which is likely to provide a first line of defense where bulls will want to try and keep the price uptrend intact. Should headwinds start to further weigh, expect a short break and pickup in SOL coin price action again at the 55-day Simple Moving Average at price of $206. Even the psychological $200 support level would be an additional factor that could likely limit any further price correction, giving bulls three good reasons and entry points to buy the dip before recovering and driving higher to new all-time highs at price of $300.

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