SafeMoon token price has failed to hold up as the market crashed on December 4. This downswing pushed the altcoin down below a crucial support level floor and into an oversold territory, suggesting that a bullish price outlook is around the corner.

SafeMoon price tries to recover

SafeMoon crashed 63% on December 4 and sliced through the September 28 swing low at price of $0.00000104, collecting liquidity resting below it. The severe crash and the price correction serve as a perfect combination to kick-start an upswing.

So far, SafeMoon has rallied 103% to where it currently stands - $0.00000165 level. Going forward, investors can expect SAFEMOOON price to continue recovering its losses and tag the immediate resistance level at price of $0.0000022. This run-up would constitute a 45% climb and indicate that the bulls are back.

In some cases, the climb could extend well beyond the said barrier, allowing SafeMoon token price to revisit the price of $0.00000287 hurdle. In total, the advance from $0.00000165 to $0.00000287 would represent a whopping 80% gain.

Therefore, investors need to pay close attention to the SAFEMOON token price action over the next few days as it could provide users with a huge opportunity to realize profits.

While things are looking up for SafeMoon, the upswing could fail to sustain, knocking the altcoin back to price of $0.00000108. In this scenario, if the bearish momentum pushes SAFEMOON price to produce a lower low below price of $0.000000617, it will invalidate the bullish thesis outlined above.

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