95% of users on Polymarket, a global information markets platform, are betting in favor of Cardano’s smart contract launch. This number was 65% in early August, but now Cardano ADA  is ready for decentralized applications and Defi summer.

IOHK, the blockchain company behind Cardano ADA, has announced that the Alonzo Hard Fork combinator event has been successfully triggered. This marks an important milestone for ADA as this brings Defi to Cardano’s blockchain.

Alonzo Hard Fork makes smart contract launch imminent for Cardano

IOHK tweeted,

We’re on our way. Remember, this may be the end of one long journey. But it’s the start of an exciting new phase in our development as a smart contract network. We’ll have lots to share over the months ahead as our exciting ecosystem continues to grow.

Cardano’s smart contract launch on the test net was severely criticized for concurrency issues. MinSwap, the first decentralized exchange that tested the functionality, raised concerns stating that only one user could interact with the protocol at a time. This led to the price speculation that Cardano’s upgrade won’t support dApps in the same way as Ethereum does. 

However, IOHK has commented on the issue since then, assuring users and the community that Cardano ADA adopts a novel approach and a different operational mechanism has been successfully applied to bypass the challenge. 

Users on Polymarket displayed renewed confidence in the altcoin and the roll-out of the smart contract functionality. 95% of participants have bet in favor of Cardano ADA in the “Will Cardano support smart contracts on mainnet by October 1st, 2021?” question mark. This number is up 46% since the past month. 

Glauber Contessoto, a Dogecoin DOGE millionaire, is preparing to go “all in” on Cardano and plans to be ADA’s biggest supporter. Contessoto said, 

I’m going to start buying up as much Cardano ADA as humanly possible with every bit of money I start making from now on.

Mark Cullen, managing director of Alpha | DLT predicts that Cardano ADA will drop to $2 in the ongoing correction.

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