The weekend for the Shiba Inu coin has started to go sideways. While the SHIB token, which cannot be strengthened, has trouble rising apart from BTC, it falls hard on the way down.

With the recent rise in the crypto money market, especially on the Bitcoin side, the investor who hopes for the Shiba Inu token continues to wait desperately for the coin that floats horizontally today. Apart from BTC's attempt to test the $50,000 level and the strengthening of Ethereum, many altcoin projects are insignificant appreciation. However, the same result does not seem to apply to the Shiba.

Shiba Inu has gone horizontal cant get stronger

Most cryptocurrencies are up over the weekend. The rise and activity that started with Bitcoin continue. Shiba Inu Although it started the day positively, it fell with the decline of BTC, and immediately after that, recovery and horizontal wandering started. While the BTC direction is trying to pin 50 thousand dollars upwards, the SHIB token is following a horizontal course.

While Shiba Inu has continued the recovery process in recent weeks, it is not affected much by the rises coming from BTC. SHIB which works in the declines is almost in a position to work on the rises. Charts showing its target at $0.000001000 show that the consolidation process continues for SHIB, but a possible pullback is possible at any time.

SHIB Token, which has strengthened in the past week and tested the target once, cannot hold the $0.00000900 level. If he realizes his daily closings above 0.00000900, it is considered that he will throw himself over $0.000001000.

Looking at the last 24-hour chart, the depreciation is clearly visible. The Shiba Inu hit $0.00000814 on the last chart dated August 21. Seeing the highest level of $0.00000847, Shiba Inu fell quickly from this level. Currently, SHIB is trading at $0.000000830 levels.