Dogecoin price is in a bit of pause mode as buyers have not been able to push prices above $0.30. After the price correction DOGE had on August 24, price action has refrained from paring back those losses with the break of the green ascending trend line. Instead, the Doge price action is going sideways and does not show much sign of improvement as it looks to be stuck between the $0.30 level to the upside and $0.27 to the downside.

DOGE Price action is fading again, and buyers need to step in

There is, however, an essential takeaway from looking at the chart of DOGE price, and that is that buyers need to step up their game and make trades count. The monthly R1 resistance level at a price of $0.27 was held for now. As price action starts to fade again, however, buyers will need to create more buying into Dogecoin. Otherwise, the risk is that the R1 resistance level will not survive the third test.

A break of the R1 resistance level will bring Dogecoin back toward $0.25. That level will not only be of psychological importance but additionally the first level for buyers to defend. Buyers will be cautious here as already on the first test, DOGE price action broke slightly below this level. It is not excellent technical support.

If that does not do the trick, the next ace up the sleeve of buyers is both the 55-day and 200-day Simple Moving Average that are hovering just below the $0.25 level. Expect heavy buying just below $0.25 as buyers will look to get in for a long and push Dogecoin price back toward that R1 resistance level at a price of $0.27.

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