Here's why I'm a big believer in Polkadot:

The dev team has experience -Although the Polkadot technology is public and open-source, it all starts with a core group of dedicated developers to get things off the ground. The developers behind the Polkadot project are experienced in the world of cryptocurrencies and have a history of launching successful altcoins.

Why do you invest in Polkadot over other coins

Polkadot's got big backers-Polkadot coin is the flagship project by Web3 Foundation, a Swiss Foundation founded to facilitate a user-friendly and fully functional decentralized web. It's got the credibility and financial backing to get itself off the Crypto ground.

Polkadot offers grants Rather than wait for dot developers to raise money and start launching projects all on their own, Web3 Foundation offers grants for Polkadot developers to build on their blockchain.

This is the reason there are already several hundred projects in development around Polkadot. Remember, adoption = success = value in the world of blockchain, and the Polkadot team isn't leaving adoption up to chance, but instead sponsoring and fostering a Polkadot community of development projects around its technology from day one. As of today, they have provided grants to 200+ blockchain projects in 50+ countries.

Polkadot is 100% open source-Anyone can contribute to run a node and build services on Polkadot. Unlike some other not-to-be-mentioned cryptocurrencies which feel about as centralized and secretive as your average bank.

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