High-performance blockchain ecosystem Zilliqa has invested in XCADEMY, described as an online and mobile YouTube academy. The investment is part of a partnership where Zilliqa and XCADEMY plan a blockchain-based influencer economy, allowing content creators to monetize their content and incentivize user engagement by tokenization.

Zilliqa and XCADEMY plan a blockchain-based influencer economy

XCADEMY is predicted to utilize Zilliqa for the creation of a token economy by allowing content creators to launch their own native tokens on the Zilliqa blockchain. The partnership hopes to permit influencers to reward and incentivize their viewers directly on YouTube at video playback and through engagement events.

Colin Miles, Co-CEO and Chief Commercial Officer of Zilliqa, said the future of the blockchain ecosystem rests on innovative projects which will bridge the gap between the industry and people outside of it:

“XCADEMY’s business model may be a solid example of how blockchain-as-a-service goes mainstream, helping people outside the crypto and investment realm with their business and brand-building efforts. Given its real-world usability and therefore the sheer number of content creators on YouTube, we expect this to get an excellent deal of activity on our blockchain and welcome a multitude of latest Zilliqa-powered tokens.”

Oliver Bell, the XCADEMY founder, said he has seen first-hand how the Zilliqa team has developed a platform that will scale as needed with mass transaction volume.

“Choosing to work with them came naturally to us at XCADEMY as we leverage blockchain to solve a major problem within the content creator space while in turn, driving utility of the platform. We see a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and therefore the world, due to the mass reach of XCADEMY’s influencers and beyond. Widespread adoption is that the true test for any emerging technology — XCADEMY provides mainstream audiences with the ability to engage with blockchain without even realizing it.”

In 2019, Zilliqa became the first public blockchain platform to be built on sharded architecture, with smart contracts written in the platform’s programing language, Scilla.

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