The Mega Bitcoin SV Block Transactions

The Mega Bitcoin SV Block Transactions

There are many different blockchain networks to keep an eye on, each with their own block size and mining situation. For Bitcoin SV, perhaps the biggest block ever to be mined was generated on the network yesterday. 

Many experts feel that a small block size, combined with few transactions to be processed every 10 minutes, remains a key bottleneck.

The Mega Bitcoin SV Block Transactions

Forks of Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin SV, have taken a different approach to this particular matter.

A higher block size, and the capability for thousands of transactions in a block, make for an interesting combination. 

So much even that a block of 309MB was generated on the Bitcoin SV network.

It contains 1.1 million transactions, which is also worth noting.

In terms of transactions, BSV remains well ahead of the competition.

Who is using the network exactly, or for what type of purpose, is a different matter altogether.

With 1.1 million transactions in this block, it almost feels if the whole ordeal has been orchestrated purposefully. 

Whatever the reason is for this particular development, it will certainly get people talking about Bitcoin SV for some time to come.

Speculating and investing in the digital currency sphere has since at least three years ago been nothing but gambling. People read one single tweet about this or that nonsense-coin and bought in to sell minutes later to an even greater fool. 

Why has investing and speculating in digital currencies never been a “real thing,” though?

It is due to the lack of utility in all digital assets except for Bitcoin SV. Speculating and investing makes sense, as long as you speculate on or invest in assets that have a use case for something. If there is no use case in an asset, is it even an asset? Come on.

How is speculating on the Bitcoin SV satoshis different? Those BSV satoshis are connected to the Bitcoin SV network, which processes transactions. Unlike other digital currencies, which have no serious transactional volume, Bitcoin SV is set up to process billions of transactions per year.

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