Siacoin introduced version 2 of its most advanced blockchain

Siacoin introduced version 2 of its most advanced blockchain

Sia Coin SC introduced version 2 of its most advanced blockchain explorer. Just like previous versions, they have made Navigator open source, and therefore now it is very easy for developers to start a mirror.  The developers hope this will make the network more resilient.

Users will now be able to check their unconfirmed balances on the pending transactions.  They will also be able to search for transaction inputs and search in bulk for 100K addresses or contracts.

Siacoin introduced version 2 of its most advanced blockchain

Siacoin Stats tweeted:  Sia Developers will find the most Secure dev-friendly, stable, and reliable version ever. Easy to Use onboard, easy to customize, and virtually no maintenance fees.

The main page and Navigator are facilitated with a dark mode, which will roll out to the rest of the website over the next weeks.  Users feel that the dark mode in on point. 

Of note, SiaStats focuses on the charts and metrics for the Sia Network.

Sydney Ifergan, the cryptocurrency expert, tweeted:  “Several Crypto users have been talking about starting new projects on SiatechHq, and SiaCoin (SC) is gaining widespread adoption in the community.”

SiaCoin (SC) Developer Workshop

Sia coin sc team tweeted that:  “Skynet Developer Workshop recording with MarcinJachymiak is now available on Skynet and Sia Sc  TV.”

David Vorick, SkyNet Lead Developer in the past month, had a conversation about – How Sia is rearchitecting storage, and out-competing aws on price (AWS does $35B a year in revenue).

David Vorick, in the past month, tweeted:  “Coronavirus taught me that money is fake, and food is real.”

In the 57th Episode of Building Decentralized application  Cloud Storage, David Vorick spoke about many things.

He discussed the purpose of SiaCoin and SiaFunds, the virtue of the dual-token model, the permissibility of alternative blockchains, various models for financing protocol development, how Sia actually works, from where the inspiration for Sia SC come from and a range of other topics.

Of note, he spoke about how Skynet represents the completion of the original vision for Sia, how Sia is different from other decentralized storage platforms, and his proposal to launch a new blockchain with protectionist mining in place.

This just means there is a whole lot of information to get used to if one should understand the SiaCoin and about why it is here.  It is very obvious that a lot of work and thought has gone into the process.

Of note, David is an ASIC Manufacturer.  He has learned a lot about blockchain security models and the merits of ASICs versus GPUs.

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