New features to expect for the TRON 4.0 upgrade

New features to expect for the TRON 4.0 upgrade

Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation have offered a glimpse of new features to expect for the TRON 4.0 upgrade.
Tron 4.0 new features include the highly anticipated privacy on the Tron trx blockchain.
An exact date and time of the upgrade are yet to be announced.
Back in late 2018, Justin Sun was musing of the possibility of implementing privacy on the Tron blockchain through the use of zk-Snarks. The idea will soon come to reality with the addition of the feature in the upcoming TRON 4.0 upgrade. In a 2018 interview, Justin Sun had explained the importance of adding privacy to the Tron network as follows.

New features to expect for the TRON 4.0 upgrade

I think privacy is also important for the network. So that’s the reason  I think next year, Q1, we will adopt the zk-SNARKs into our network. So zero-knowledge proof into our network…

This is how we can improve the privacy of the whole network.

So in the future, if you want to have these private transactions and a private address, we can also make sure…if you use the address…that nobody can see you…the transaction can be untraceable.

TRON TRX 4.0 Upgrade

The implementation of privacy was first planned for the first quarter of 2019 but the wait is finally over for the fans of Tron for it shall be released with the upcoming TRON 4.0 upgrade. The exact date and time of the implementation of TRON 4.0 have yet to be announced. Additionally, the team has not confirmed that the feature will use zk-Snarks.

However, the head of Tron technology, Marcus Zhao, has explained that Tron 4.0 will have a bunch of new features including the aforementioned privacy, 2-level consensus mechanism, cross-chain interoperability, and an enterprise edition of the network.

Tron’s TRX rose by 0.58% on Wednesday. Partially price reversing a 0.74% decline from Tuesday, Tron’s TRX ended the day at $0.014710.

It was a bullish start to the day. Tron’s TRX price rallied from an early morning low $0.014529 to a late morning intraday high $0.015041 before hitting reverse.

Tron’s TRX price broke through the first major resistance level at $0.01479 and the second major resistance level at $0.01498.

The price reversal saw Tron’s TRX slide through the major resistance levels to a late intraday low $0.014502 into the red.

in the evening, however, Tron’s TRX Coin moved back through to $0.01470 levels to end the day in the green.

In spite of the late price pullback, Tron’s TRX coin steered clear of the first major support at $0.01432.

At the time of writing the post, Tron’s TRX Coin was down by 0.11% to $0.014694. A mixed start to the day saw Tron’s TRX rise to an early morning high $0.014725 before falling to a low $0.014694.

Tron’s TRX coin price would need to move through to $0.01480 support levels to support a run at the first major resistance level at $0.01499.

Support level from the broader market would be needed, however, for Tron’s TRX price to break out from the morning high $0.014725.

Barring a broad-based cryptocurrency rebound, the first major resistance support level and Wednesday’s price high $0.015041 would likely limit any upside.

Failure to move through to $0.01480 levels could see Tron’s TRX fall deeper into the red.

A fall through Wednesday’s low $0.014521 would bring the first major support level at $0.01447 into play.

Barring an extended crypto sell-off, however, Tron’s TRX should steer clear of sub-$0.014 levels. The second major support level price at $0.01424 trx would likely limit any downside.

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