How to start Mining IOTA Coin in 2020

IOTA (miota) is a unique digital currency that uses a public distributed ledger, which is not based on the generation of new blocks or blockchain. The IOTA is based on a directed acrylic graph technology and a specific Tangle protocol that helps in handling the consensus without miners. To maintain its security, the network doesn’t require blockchain but instead comprised of Internet of Things (IoT)- a network of billions of online electronic devices.

How to start Mining IOTA Coin in 2020

Here, the IOTA consensus mechanism is managed by the sender, who validates the previous two transactions before they confirm their own transactions. This protocol was designed to provide decentralization, more scalability, and zero transaction fees.

How to Mine IOTA

As the IOTA Consensus mechanism is incorporated in the sender’s protocol, IOTA does not need mining since all of the IOTA ever made were sold when the coin was released. In order to generate IOTA, you have two options :

Run a full node and receive IOTA Coin for your services
Use monero mining platforms or faucets that second-hand mine IOTA.
We will go with the second option as of now as the former one is very technical.

How To Mine IOTA Via Faucets

First of all, go to the IOTA Github page.
Scroll down until you find the operating system list, and then download it.
Then, start installing the wallet.
Then it will be asked if you want to go with a light node or full node. Then choose the light node option.
Now, enter your IOTA seed phrase. You can generate the seed by going here.
Click on the attached to Tangle button and copy the generated address.
Now go to the free IOTA faucet website, which pays you when you mine different coins.
Then paste your address in the public IOTA address field. Click on the “submit” button.
Once you get permission to mine, the process of mining starts.
If you want to withdraw, click on the “withdraw” button to cash out your mined coins. Then you can see yourself placed in the payment queue. There is no minimum withdrawal limit.

The full node iota mining is purely technical; just you must know the minimum requirements for that.
These are the IOTA Miota mining software and IOTA mining rigs required :

8 to 12GB RAM;
25GB storage;
dual-core CPU;
24/7 connectivity;
Ubuntu (16 or 17) or CentOS;