How to Accept Electroneum ETN At Your Business

If you own a business, you might look into accepting Electroneum for your products or services.

Right now, the process is quite cumbersome, since the customer will have to wait a while for the payment to reflect in your wallet. Not impossible, but difficult…

How to Accept Electroneum ETN At Your Business

But this should all change when the team releases the instant payment notification system sometime in quarter 3 of 2018.

With the system in place, # will check if the customer has the required funds in their wallet, ring-fence it for the particular purchase, and then provide instant feedback. Although the funds might not reach your wallet for another couple of hours, you can be sure that the team has control of the funds and will send it to you.

But while we’re waiting for this system to launch, you can start educating your customers about Electroneum. Introduce them to the mobile miner so they will have some Electroneum ETN to pay you within the future.

Sell Something for Electroneum ETN

The whole point of the Electroneum project is to become a transactional cryptocurrency – one that is used by many people around the world for simple, every-day purchases. This is one of the reasons they are developing their instant payment notification system.

You can help kickstart this tradition by selling something you own for Electroneum ETN! If the prospective buyer doesn’t know about Electroneum ETN, tell them about it and show them how easy it is to mine. Then ask them to pay you with the ETN they mine.

And while you’re at it, you might just as well have them scan your referral code!

Refer Friends to Earn Bonus Electroneum

To encourage mass adoption, the Electroneum team has created a referral program that lets users earn bonus ETN by referring to friends and family.

When referring someone, get them to scan the referral code on your Electroneum app. You will then receive a 5% bonus Electroneum ETN based on what they mine, while they will receive an additional 1% as well.

As far as we know, referrals are for life, meaning that once you’ve added a referral, you will continue to receive bonuses Electroneum for as long as they continue mining. So you can view this as a constant stream of passive income, as long as your referrals keep mining.

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